Thursday, September 20, 2007

Re: Work/Life Blending

In response to Ryan's blog:

Now in my late 30's but still in my 20's at heart, I still struggle to achieve a work life balance. The best advice I can give is to prioritize your attention and distractions. Set goals so you are not disappointed with idealistic expectations.

You are what you do. If you complain about work then I bet you complain about your life outside of work too. This is why attitude is so important to employers. They can teach you a required skill but if you have a bad attitude than you are labelled as unteachable and an undesirable employee. The same is true outside of work. No one likes to be around a pessimist for too long other than for entertainment.

I spend so much time working, thinking about work, or avoiding too much work that I have to believe in what I am doing matters. If you do not believe in what you are doing (work) then how can you enjoy life outside of work? You will just burn out dreading each new day at work. The true definition of an unhappy life. I have been there and I am better for having gone thorough it. It is true, you can't enjoy the sweet without tasting bitter.

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